What is FlatOut?

We are a mobile bicycle service and repair company. This means that we will pick up your bicycle, service it according to your request, then drop it off when we’re done.


We regret to announce that we will be closing to the public early this season. Unfortunately, we have no further availability.

However, we will continue to service events (East Coast Groms camp, etc.). We will also continue to offer a selection of FlatOut t-shirts, hats, water bottles, cycling jerseys, and stickers for sale or for donation for giveaways at community events. Our e-mail will still be open for these purposes!

We have come to the difficult decision to shut down early between several scheduling conflicts over the remainder of the season and increased operational expenses.

As some of you may have heard, James has been awarded an incredible Loran scholarship! However, this comes with some obligations in the next few summers which would make it very difficult to run the business. So, if we return next season, it will be in a reduced capacity.

If we don’t return next year, we’d like to say thank you to everyone. This has been an amazing experience for us, and we hope we have been able to provide an amazing service, too. We have earned so many opportunities these past three years, none of which would have been possible without our customers, community partners, loved ones, and everyone else who has supported us.

Our Team

Thomas Drover – Co-Owner, Manager, Driver

James Drover – Co-Owner, Mechanic