What can we do for you? Fill out the form below to request our services. More information on each service is provided below. All our services include the collection of your bicycle and the subsequent delivery once service is complete, both at the location of your choice within our service area.

We do not pick up outside these areas. We do not accept drop-offs.
Please provide as much of this information as you can.
Terms and Conditions of Service
By submitting a service request to FlatOut Bicycle Service and Repair, hereafter referred to as "FlatOut", you agree to the following service Terms and Conditions:

1. Pricing
* Our Minimum Service Fee is $35. This covers the cost of pick-up, assessment, and delivery.
* Service packages include the minimum service fee.
* If you select "Individual" or "Other" services, they will be added to the minimum service fee or package selected.

2. Scope of work:
* FlatOut will carry out the work to your bicycle as shown on the online service request form created by you. FlatOut is not responsible for form input errors by customer.
* Prior to completing any work FlatOut will assess your bicycle to determine its condition. If additional parts or labour are required FlatOut will advise of cost, availability of parts and possible delays to service. If you decide not to proceed the minimum service fee of $35 will apply and FlatOut will return your bike to you.
* If you choose not to follow our recommendations, FlatOut cannot guarantee that your bicycle will work properly and FlatOut accepts no liability for any defects arising with the bicycle as a result of not having this work undertaken.

3. Scheduling:
* FlatOut offers bicycle service by pick up and delivery only. Scheduling is completed by area and appointments may not necessarily be in the order received.
* FlatOut will endeavour to complete any work to your bicycle as soon as possible and within the estimated time however there may be times when this is not possible.

4. Payment and Return of Bicycle:
* Payment in full is required prior to return of your bike
* You must agree to a drop off appointment withing 7 days of notice that your bicycle is complete. If you fail to do so, FlatOut will provide you with a written notice via email notifying you that you have 21 days to pay an arrange return of your bike, failing which FlatOut may dispose of the bicycle by sale or donation.


All services include our pick-up and drop-off service at no extra cost (within the St. John’s metro area).

Basic Tune-Up – $75 + HST

This package includes:

  • Inspection of
    • Frame
    • Front and rear suspension
    • Drivetrain
    • Bearings (hubs, bottom bracket, headset, and pedals)
    • Brakes
  • Frame wipe-down
  • Drivetrain cleaning and lubrication
  • Adjustment of
    • Brakes
    • Drivetrain
    • Headset
    • Bottom bracket
  • Bolt torque check
  • Tire pressure check and adjustment
  • On-bike wheel truing
  • Post-service test ride

Cleaning and Tune-up – $125 + HST

This package includes:

  • All services included in Basic Tune-up, plus…
  • Full bicycle detailing
  • Degreasing and lubrication of drivetrain
  • Lubrication at pivot points

Repairs and Other Services – By Estimate (min. $35 + HST)

Please let us know what you need. Some examples of the services we can provide are:

  • New component installation
  • Tire change
  • Tubeless conversion
  • Rotor straightening
  • Wheel truing
  • Brake bleeding
  • Reverb dropper bleed
  • Brake/Shift cable replacement

…and more!